Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Evochron II Hinted At?

In the latest edition of the StarWraith 3D Games Official Newsletter, Shawn alleges that he's begun working on a new version of Evochron. Here's the skinny:
Since Evochron's release earlier this year, I have received a lot of feedback about the game. It was obvious that the concept and gameplay of Evochron was (and still is) very popular and requests for new features began to fill the forum and my in-box. I've managed to implement a lot of the requests/suggestions I've received, but it became apparent that in order to add some of the requested features, substantial changes to the game's design would need to be made... changes that would require an entirely new version of the game. As a result, I've started to work on a sequel and hope to include as many of the features you've requested as I reasonably can. I plan to have some more details about this project available in the next newsletter.
You can check out more by reading the newsletter. You can also see more about Evochron and other Star Wraith games at the official StarWraith 3D Games website.

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