Saturday, July 02, 2005

Evochron Version 2.088 Released

StarWraith's Evochron has been updated to version 2.088. A list of updates includes:

  • Graphics engine performance increased substantially, especially on low to medium level 3D cards.
  • Mouse direction flight control system enhanced for better response and accuracy.
  • Joystick HAT control can now be set to manage lateral and vertical strafe thrusters.
  • For player created star systems, planets can now be placed inside nebula clouds without atmosphere and gravity problems.
  • Wormhole scaling corrected at certain distances.
  • The Phantom cannon occasionably had shifting textures after changing flight controls in-game, now fixed.

You can head over to the Evochron news page for more information, or the Evochron downloads page to get the latest version.

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