Sunday, July 10, 2005

For the People, By the People: Sunday

This is my first edition of this, so please be kind. Here's what I've found so far.

Bridge Commander:

Bridge Commander Files has several new files, such as the Hunter of Tosk or the Borg Scoutship.


The official DarkSpace website announced the winners of their screenshot contest. Check out the winning entries in this forum thread.


Lancer's Reactor has some new mods, such as the Alex MP[MOD v1.0 which adds 20 new systems, a bunch of Star Wars ships save games, and an Outposts Mod that adds outposts to the game. Also, the Freelancer Hardware Update page has moved to a new location.

Freespace 2:

Chapter one of The Centaur Project campaign has been released over on Hard Light Productions, and the massive FS/FS2 Campaigns list thread has seen some updates.

Nexus: The Jupiter Incident:

There's a new multiplayer patch available at the official Nexus website, and a demo for the Pirates campaign has been released. The Angels Fall First website has been updated with a progress update for this Nexus total conversion as well.

Starfleet Command Series:

Starfleet Command III Files has a slew of new files, such as the Sedition total conversion or the Dark Enteprise mod. has released a massive 200 page Orion Pirates Strategy Guide. Starfleet Universe also has news regarding the balancing of the upcoming beta patc for Starfleet Command III.

Star Trek Armada II:

Star Trek Armada II Files has many new files available, including the Niagara Class starship, the Ambassador & Niagara Ship Pack, or the Deep Space Mining Station, among many others. There's also a new Blue Shields mod over at the Star Trek Gaming Universe.

Star Wars Galaxies:

SWGVault is having a "Faces of SWG" Contest. You can submit your photos here.

Wing Commander:

The Wing Commander CIC has its usual ton of news, such as Wing Commander being appreciated in Sci Fi Universe magazine. The Wing Commander: Standoff website has been updated with screenshots from Episode 2.

The X Universe:
The Mac version of X2: The Threat is now available for pre-order at Egosoft's online shop.

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