Sunday, July 10, 2005

Neutral Zone 2 Project Changed

The official Neutral Zone 2 website has word that Cateia Games will now be making a new commercial game simular to Neutral Zone 2, but in a new universe. Neutral Zone 2 will be available as a mod for this new game. Here's a clip:
We'll make a new game, one completely similar to TNZ2, with our own universe, races, starships etc.Since the concept is original, we can safely sell the game without violating various copyrights.

Now, about TNZ2: The game, unlike now, won't be a stand-alone freeware game, but a free mod for that new game. I'll make sure to develop all the features necesary to create a quality mod which will allow all star trek specific features such as warp, shield bubble etc.
The rest of the news is available at the official Neutral Zone 2 website.

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