Sunday, August 07, 2005

For the People, By The People: Sunday

Sorry about the delay, folks. RL (Real Life) can get too busy at times. Anyway, here's some of the latest stuff floating around the Internet.

Allegiance: has word that Allegiance Wars 4 will begin in a month or two, with custom maps, factions, and teams, all in a persistent universe.

Babylon 5: I Found Her:

The official Babylon 5: I Found Her website has a few updates. First, they're looking for voice actors for the next release of IFH (you can upload your clips here). They also have a new FAQ as well as a history of the project in screenshots.


Lancers Reactor has seen many new updates, some of which include a Commodity Randomizer (which I am DYING to try), a Server Police Patrol ship, a new version of the popular Asgard Mod, an update to the 88 Flak: Mythic Drive, a Ship Variant mod that adds many ships to the game, an update to the Discovery MOD, and quite a bit more. There's also a new MOD School in the works by The Righteous Angels, and you can sign up here.


Hard Light Productions has word that the long-awaited Transcend campaign has been released, and you can download it at the official Transcend website. Some other new campaigns include the Derelict campaign and the Homesick campaign. Several new mods include a new Archangel Mod, the GTSC Plato, a new starfield. The Babylon 5 Project has some new releases, including Base 3.2 and Raider Wars 2.0. There's also a new Survivor campaign as well.


A fan-based Hardwar 3000 project has recently been announced, the new game taking place long after the original Hardwar. A new version of the UIM Enhanced package has been released, which adds support activating hangars.

Homeworld 2

The Warlords site, which is Star Wars mod for Homeworld 2, has been updated with new of an upcoming Clonewars 0.91 update for the mod.

Independence War 1/2:

The Independence War II - Edge of Chaos has seen an update with a complete savegame package for those feeling frustrated with the game. A new article on the original Independence War game has also been created over on Wikipedia. Finally, an impressivw graphical presentation of The Storm Petrel from Independence War 2 has been created.


Some updates to several popular tools. Zeshin's JGShipCreator, which lets you tweak custom ship layouts outside of the game, and Slopey's popular JGWebTracker, which lets you track prices and commodities, have both been updated.

Star Trek: Armada 2:

There's a ton of new files over at Armada 2 Files, including the Double Shipyard Haven map, the Freedom Class Distroyer, the Nelson Class Starship, the NX-Defiant, the Species 8472 Juggernaut Command Battleship, the USS Lightbringer, and a new set of Armada I Federation Campaigns for Armada II.

Star Trek: Bridge Commander:

Bridge Commander Files has seen several new files added to its roster, including the Alexander Class starship, a Borg-Assimilated Sovereign starship, a heavy photon torpedo, a quantum torpedo mod, and a new Galaxy pack which includes three Galaxy class ships. Also, an update on the status of Bridge Commander 2, or BC2, has been made at the Star Trek Gaming Universe.

Star Trek: Klingon Academy:

Plenty of activity going on at the forums. A Miranda Class starship, an Avenger Class starship, a Tholian Malachite Class Corvette, a Federation Meru Class Deuterium Tanker, a Federation Yorktown Class Gunship, a Tholian Diamond Class Heavy Cruiser and a Tholian Balsa Class Fighter have been released by one author, Moogle, for download. There's also a new Romulan Corvette available as well.

Star Wars Galaxies:

Both SWG Vault and SWG Warcry have news of a hotfix that has quite a few little fixes for the game that has been posted today, August 7th.

Wing Commander:

The latest update from the Wing Commander: Standoff page tells us that Episode 2 is nearly completed.

The X Universe:

Over on the Egosoft site, they've released the X2 All In One Bonus Package Version 1.04 which includes 12 mods. You can get it from their Bonus Materials download page. Egosoft has also released some new screenshots for X3: Reunion in their screenshots gallery.