Sunday, August 28, 2005

For the People, By The People: Sunday

Hey there, folks, didn't find much in the way of new or interesting stuff. People must be on summer vacations. Anyway, here's this week's batch of stuff. Enjoy!


Lancers Reactor has its usual bevy of updates, including the Close Encounters in Sirius version 3.1 mod, a new Freelancer Windows Theme, the Evil Empire Revolution mod, a Randomizing Compilator utility, the Freelancer Mk II mod, an update to the Crossfire Open Singleplayer Addon, and much more.

Freespace 2:

Over on the Hard Light forums, news that The Ferrier Project has a new shot of a TFB Paladin battleship, and it looks VERY impressive. Check out the shots in this forum thread.

Starflight III:

The Starflight III home page has been updated with a rather large status update and a call for more coders to help with the project. You can read about it on their news page.

Star Trek: Armada II

Armada 2 Files has a plethora of files for Armada II, including the Springfield Class starship, the Dominion Full Race mod, Mapman's Magnificant Map Pack, and much more.

Star Trek: Bridge Commander:

Bridge Commander Files has the usual ton of updates, including the USS Jupiter, the USS Victorius, the I.S.S. Garth, an Assimilated New Orleans, the USS Commendant, and much more.

Star Trek: Klingon Academy:

Prolific modder Moogle has released many more mods over on, including the Tholian Hematite Class Heavy Battleship, the TMP Romulan Star Base, and Freighter, the Romulan Wicked Claw Class Destroyer Escort and Wing of Light Medical Frigate, the Tholian Star Base, and the Tholian Granite Class Super Freighter. User Kt'Hyla has also released the Enterprise-K model on his own website.

Star Trek: Starfleet Command 3:

Starfleet Command III files has a ton of new stuff for SFC3, including the Near Distant Future Music Add-on, an X-Wing Pack, the Generations At War mod, an Andromedan Ship Pack, and much more.

Vendetta Online:

The official Vendetta Online site has some news that jumps are now a little easier to accomplish, along with some other tidbits.

Wing Commander:

For those of us with the Wing Commander IV DVD, news that the patch to allow the game to run on modern DVDs has been updated, and you can read about it at the Wing Commander CIC. There's also updates for the two WC Nexus mods, Wing Commander 2634 and WC Tactics.

X-Wing Alliance

The X-Wing Alliance Upgrade has been updated with a new escape pod available to be downloaded.

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