Friday, September 30, 2005

X3: Reunion Interview Over at Gamecloud

Gamecloud has an interview with Egosoft's Greg Kingston regarding their upcoming space sim, X3: Reunion. Here's a clip:

Gamecloud - What can you tell us about the game's graphical features?

Greg Kingston - The graphics are amazing. The new DX9 engine boasts by far the best visuals of any space game either on or planned for the market. Extensive use of pixel shaders combined with complex ship models and low orbit sectors makes for an unparalleled experience. The first time you start the game and look at the view, it is easy to get vertigo! The game has look stunning to grab the attention of new players but once immersed into the game it is easy to take the quality for granted. Every now and then during testing, I simply have to stop and look at a station or a ship, and just think “wow”.
Head over to Gamecloud for the entire interview.


Brian Rubin said...

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[ATFW]Beth said...

Someone has. At least for this post. Comment verification has also been turned on, which should prevent the spambots from, well, spamming.