Saturday, September 24, 2005

X3: Reunion Q&A at Gamespy

Gamespy has an interview with Egosoft's Greg Kingston regarding their upcoming space sim, X3: Reunion. Here's my favorite clip:
GameSpy: X2 was kind of an intimidating game with a steep learning curve. How are you making this game friendlier for new players who may not be familiar with the game's conventions?

Greg Kingston: We have drastically changed the interface. Rather than being primarily keyboard driven, it is now mouse-driven and as a result is far easier and quicker to navigate. All controls are now fully re-mappable and the new game engine allows for far greater detail on the menu screens. The new physics in the flight model also makes controlling your ship far more fun, and a variety of newly scripted business tools make managing your empire much easier -- and veteran players will find the economy much-changed from X2. We've also introduced some helpful elements into the game that not only bring the universe more to life, but also offer assistance and hints along the way.
You can read the entire three-page interview by heading over to Gamespy.

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