Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Epic: Middle States released for Independence War II

A new total conversion is available for Independence War II: The Edge of Chaos. Called Epic: Middle States, this new mod has several features including:
  • A new star cluster with well developed background The Middle States.
  • Economic simulation and new occupation of Merchant Trader.
  • Reputation adjusted by player actions such as Piracy.
  • Governments protect innocent shipping and actively pursue pirates.
  • Pirates haunt Lagrange points and prey on merchant shipping.
Head over to the official Epic: Middle States page for files and installation instructions.


Anonymous said...

This mod is HUGE. It is basically a whole new game (better than the original for any fan of Elite and Privateer) And the graphics are unbelievable! Very realistic. Though not for the casual player. It is quite deep, and the learning curve is not meant for the timid. okay...back to playing..still so much to see and do..

Jar(egg)head said...

Wowsers. This might actually get me to load up IW2 again. Looks intriguing.

Hrm... how can I split early from the office today?

Brian Rubin said...

I installed it, because it looks awesome, but I've not had time to play it.