Sunday, November 20, 2005

For the People, By The People: Sunday

Trying to get back on a regular schedule for this, here's this week's installment of goodies! It's kind of a quiet week, which makes sense with the holidays coming up here in the U.S.


Lancers Reactor has the usual slew of updates, but the one that really caught my eye was the new Firefly Class Transport. I'm going to reinstall the game just to try this out myself, being the enormous Firefly fan I am. ;)

Freespace 2:

Over on Hard Light Productions, they have news that the Battlestar Galactica Project: Alpha version has been leaked. You can follow this developing story in this forum thread. There's also a new campaign called Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo (I love that name) for you to download.

Homeworld 2:

Apparently the 0.5 beta of Star Wars: Warlords was released on 11/18, but you have to go to their chatroom to get a link.

Star Trek: Bridge Commander:

Bridge Commander Files has more updates to existing files than new stuff this week, but they do offer a Icarus Assault Shuttle for your enjoyment.

Star Trek: Starfleet Command III

Starfleet Command 3 files has a couple of new tidbits like the Stock Ship Replacement.

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Wong Online PoKér Hu said...

Thanks for the post on the games. I'm also updating my list right now, so I might try out these games and install them later.