Friday, December 09, 2005

Galactic Civlizations II Tidbits

I noticed today that there's a new Galactic Civilizations II interview over at RPG Vault. Here's a clip:
Jonric: What can we expect to see from the AI, both for the friendly units and also for the various enemies you can encounter?

Brad Wardell: There are no tactical battles in the game, so formations and such don't really come into play. Instead, players can build fleets, group units together to send to various parts of the map, create rally points to organize their forces, etc.

The computer AI, which is the part of the game I code, has a different AI personality for each player. This isn't just some variables, but rather its own engine running in a background thread; i.e. a base class for the AI and then each player has its own derived class. So as a result, different players can play quite differently. We are trying to develop a system whereby each computer opponent will use quite different strategies to play. As I play the game more, I learn more possible strategies to play with, and then try to incorporate that into different AI personalities.
There's also a new Galactic Civilizations II preview over on Gamespy. Enjoy!

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