Friday, December 16, 2005

New Battlestar Galactica Model Screenshots Available for FS2

Thanks to Eliot Watts for sending me an email about this. Apparently there are some new screenshots of the Battlestar Galactica Model for the Beyond The Redline mod for Freespace 2 available on the Game Warden forums, and I must say they're very impressive. Here's shrunken versions of them that link to the forum itself:



Reza said...

I've always heard about the supposed legend that is Freespace 2, but unfortunately I never got to play the game as they don't sell it in my country anymore (I'm from Malaysia). Seeing as how the FS2 Mod movement seems to be alive and kicking, I wonder if this old space game is still being sold. I would very much like to purchase a download if anyone knows of any sites that provide it. How are they still playing it? Does it run on the newer Windows versions like XP?

Diev said...

Freespace 2 was released as open source so there are downloads all over the web. This site has some download links for it.,38195.0.html