Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Starships Unlimited III Announced

Matrix Games has posted a press release stating that ApeZone has signed with them in order to publish Starships Unlimited III. Here's a clip from the press release:
Starships Unlimited III will be familiar to fans of the original, but with significant improvements. For starters, exploration has been expanded to four ages of exploration rather than one, with planets revealing more of their secrets as your ability to explore them improves. The focus of exploration is now more peaceful and scientific and allows all races to eventually reach new technology ages through exploration and diligent research.
You can read more in the the official press release.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Axiomatic Released

Ten Ninjas have released their space combat game, Axiomatic. The game looks pretty cool, so check it out at the official Axiomatic website. Once you check out the demo, the full version can be purchased for $15.

X³: Reunion Games Convention Trailer Video Available

Egosoft has posted an update to the official X3: Reunion site stating that the trailer shown at the Games Convention is now available for download, and you can get it in their downloads section.

Invasion of Cardassia 3.0 Announced

Hot on the heels of the release of Invasion of Cardassia 2.1, the author has announced that Invasion of Cardassia 3.0 has been announced and will be available sometime in 2006. Using the next version of Bruno R. Marcos' game engine will allow ships to behave accurately, as well as many other enhancements. We'll keep you posted as to further developments.

Babylon Project Tracker Shutting Down

News from the Babylon Project Tracker states that the site will shut down sometime in October or November. There will be replacement torrents for the files they're currently hosting, but it's unknown at the time whether there will be a replacement. We're sorry to see them go.

For the People, By The People: Sunday

Hey there, folks, didn't find much in the way of new or interesting stuff. People must be on summer vacations. Anyway, here's this week's batch of stuff. Enjoy!


Lancers Reactor has its usual bevy of updates, including the Close Encounters in Sirius version 3.1 mod, a new Freelancer Windows Theme, the Evil Empire Revolution mod, a Randomizing Compilator utility, the Freelancer Mk II mod, an update to the Crossfire Open Singleplayer Addon, and much more.

Freespace 2:

Over on the Hard Light forums, news that The Ferrier Project has a new shot of a TFB Paladin battleship, and it looks VERY impressive. Check out the shots in this forum thread.

Starflight III:

The Starflight III home page has been updated with a rather large status update and a call for more coders to help with the project. You can read about it on their news page.

Star Trek: Armada II

Armada 2 Files has a plethora of files for Armada II, including the Springfield Class starship, the Dominion Full Race mod, Mapman's Magnificant Map Pack, and much more.

Star Trek: Bridge Commander:

Bridge Commander Files has the usual ton of updates, including the USS Jupiter, the USS Victorius, the I.S.S. Garth, an Assimilated New Orleans, the USS Commendant, and much more.

Star Trek: Klingon Academy:

Prolific modder Moogle has released many more mods over on KlingonAcademy.com, including the Tholian Hematite Class Heavy Battleship, the TMP Romulan Star Base, and Freighter, the Romulan Wicked Claw Class Destroyer Escort and Wing of Light Medical Frigate, the Tholian Star Base, and the Tholian Granite Class Super Freighter. User Kt'Hyla has also released the Enterprise-K model on his own website.

Star Trek: Starfleet Command 3:

Starfleet Command III files has a ton of new stuff for SFC3, including the Near Distant Future Music Add-on, an X-Wing Pack, the Generations At War mod, an Andromedan Ship Pack, and much more.

Vendetta Online:

The official Vendetta Online site has some news that jumps are now a little easier to accomplish, along with some other tidbits.

Wing Commander:

For those of us with the Wing Commander IV DVD, news that the patch to allow the game to run on modern DVDs has been updated, and you can read about it at the Wing Commander CIC. There's also updates for the two WC Nexus mods, Wing Commander 2634 and WC Tactics.

X-Wing Alliance

The X-Wing Alliance Upgrade has been updated with a new escape pod available to be downloaded.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Darkstar One Announced

Saw on Blues News that Asceron has announced a new space combat game called Darkstar One. The website, however, is in German, and details are fairly sketchy right now, but you can see some screenshots over on 3D Gamers. We'll bring you more as we get it.

Monday, August 22, 2005

X3 Footage

The official X site has word that German gaming site, JustGamers, has posted a two-minute video that features footage from X3, along with commentary (white noise for non-German speakers) from Bernd Lehahn.

B5 Starship Commander Updates

The B5SC site discloses that an initial alpha offering of the strategy title should be available in late September. Also, the devlog serves up details on a number of features that have recently been added to the work-in-progress.

Gal Civ 2 Dev Bloggage: Beta 3, UI, Graphics

Cari talks Galactic Civilizations 2 Beta 3, UI, and technical graphics details in a recent blog entry.

Vendetta Online Fixes

Vendetta Online has experienced a recent update, which addresses a few bugs, alters the XP system for newbie players, and changes wormhole and sector jumping rules.

EON Mag Preview (EVE)

Thanks to EVE-I for pointing out that CCP has posted a preview of the first issue of EON, a magazine devoted to EVE Online. The first issue will ship on October 1, and future issues will be released on a quarterly basis. A sneak peek of articles and the zine can be viewed at the EVE site.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Freespace: A New Age Update

A new version of Freespace: A New Age, has been released. This Freespace mod for Homeworld 2 is looking very impressive indeed, and you can download the latest version and see screenshots on this forum thread from the official site.

Trials of Obi-Wan Announced

According to the Star Wars Galaxies Vault, a new expansion has been announced for Star Wars Galaxies. Titled "Trials of Obi-Wan," the new expansion will have content from Mustafar inspired by Revenge of the Sith. Here's a clip:
Trials of Obi-Wan allows players to better understand the meaning of these final words spoken by Luke Skywalker’s mentor, as they embark upon missions delivered directly from the spirit of the revered Jedi Master himself. From the very shores of molten lava where he defeated Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan guides players on quests that span the planet Mustafar – some of which might even convert devotees of the dark side over to a more virtuous path. This expansion features many new high-level quest rewards, including the ability to find a fiery red crystal found only on the volcanic planet that creates a lava-like lightsaber for the lucky owner. Players who fulfill all of Obi-Wan’s directives will also receive a rich reward.
You can read the entire release by heading over to the Star Wars Galaxies Vault.

Monday, August 08, 2005

X3: Reunion Q&A at Gamebiz

Over on Gamebiz there's a four-page interview with Egosoft's Greg Kingston regarding X3: The Reunion. Here's a clip:
GameBiz: In terms of playable races, should we look forward to new races? Do the races react a little differently to each other and the player as well?

Greg: The player will be able to gain more options on how to play the game as he or she progresses. More exciting is how the races react to one another – we have brought life to some of the fiction behind race conflicts in previous games and the player certainly cannot take everything for granted anymore nor expect everything to be quite as predictable…
You can check out the entire interview by heading over to Gamebiz.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

For the People, By The People: Sunday

Sorry about the delay, folks. RL (Real Life) can get too busy at times. Anyway, here's some of the latest stuff floating around the Internet.


FreeAllegiance.org has word that Allegiance Wars 4 will begin in a month or two, with custom maps, factions, and teams, all in a persistent universe.

Babylon 5: I Found Her:

The official Babylon 5: I Found Her website has a few updates. First, they're looking for voice actors for the next release of IFH (you can upload your clips here). They also have a new FAQ as well as a history of the project in screenshots.


Lancers Reactor has seen many new updates, some of which include a Commodity Randomizer (which I am DYING to try), a Server Police Patrol ship, a new version of the popular Asgard Mod, an update to the 88 Flak: Mythic Drive, a Ship Variant mod that adds many ships to the game, an update to the Discovery MOD, and quite a bit more. There's also a new MOD School in the works by The Righteous Angels, and you can sign up here.


Hard Light Productions has word that the long-awaited Transcend campaign has been released, and you can download it at the official Transcend website. Some other new campaigns include the Derelict campaign and the Homesick campaign. Several new mods include a new Archangel Mod, the GTSC Plato, a new starfield. The Babylon 5 Project has some new releases, including Base 3.2 and Raider Wars 2.0. There's also a new Survivor campaign as well.


A fan-based Hardwar 3000 project has recently been announced, the new game taking place long after the original Hardwar. A new version of the UIM Enhanced package has been released, which adds support activating hangars.

Homeworld 2

The Warlords site, which is Star Wars mod for Homeworld 2, has been updated with new of an upcoming Clonewars 0.91 update for the mod.

Independence War 1/2:

The Independence War II - Edge of Chaos has seen an update with a complete savegame package for those feeling frustrated with the game. A new article on the original Independence War game has also been created over on Wikipedia. Finally, an impressivw graphical presentation of The Storm Petrel from Independence War 2 has been created.


Some updates to several popular tools. Zeshin's JGShipCreator, which lets you tweak custom ship layouts outside of the game, and Slopey's popular JGWebTracker, which lets you track prices and commodities, have both been updated.

Star Trek: Armada 2:

There's a ton of new files over at Armada 2 Files, including the Double Shipyard Haven map, the Freedom Class Distroyer, the Nelson Class Starship, the NX-Defiant, the Species 8472 Juggernaut Command Battleship, the USS Lightbringer, and a new set of Armada I Federation Campaigns for Armada II.

Star Trek: Bridge Commander:

Bridge Commander Files has seen several new files added to its roster, including the Alexander Class starship, a Borg-Assimilated Sovereign starship, a heavy photon torpedo, a quantum torpedo mod, and a new Galaxy pack which includes three Galaxy class ships. Also, an update on the status of Bridge Commander 2, or BC2, has been made at the Star Trek Gaming Universe.

Star Trek: Klingon Academy:

Plenty of activity going on at the KlingonAcademy.com forums. A Miranda Class starship, an Avenger Class starship, a Tholian Malachite Class Corvette, a Federation Meru Class Deuterium Tanker, a Federation Yorktown Class Gunship, a Tholian Diamond Class Heavy Cruiser and a Tholian Balsa Class Fighter have been released by one author, Moogle, for download. There's also a new Romulan Corvette available as well.

Star Wars Galaxies:

Both SWG Vault and SWG Warcry have news of a hotfix that has quite a few little fixes for the game that has been posted today, August 7th.

Wing Commander:

The latest update from the Wing Commander: Standoff page tells us that Episode 2 is nearly completed.

The X Universe:

Over on the Egosoft site, they've released the X2 All In One Bonus Package Version 1.04 which includes 12 mods. You can get it from their Bonus Materials download page. Egosoft has also released some new screenshots for X3: Reunion in their screenshots gallery.

Evochron 2.228 Released

The official Evochron site was updated recently with a new version of the game, 2.228. This version includes several bug fixes, a dedicated multiplayer server mode, and improvements to radar tracking. You can get the latest version of the game from the site's downloads section.

Neutral Zone Commercial Product Named

Cateia Games have finally named their upcoming independent project, which will be known as Crimeya: Imperial Wars. The official Neutral Zone 2 project has been shut down, and will turn into a mod for the new commercial game.

Flight Commander 1.2 Test Released

The 1.2 Test version of Flight Commander, an independent Wing Commander title, has been released, has been released, with improved explosions, angular acceleration, customizable hud icons and colors, and much more. You can download the 38 MB file from the Wing Commander CIC.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Starshatter: The Gathering Storm Screenshots Released

John DiCamillo posted a thread on the official Starshatter forum saying he's put up some new screenshots of Starshatter: The Gathering Storm. Right now we're still unsure whether Starshatter: The Gathering Storm is an expansion or a sequel, but here's a couple of the screenshots to pique your interest:

You can see the rest of the screenshots at the official Starshatter website. We'll bring you more information as we get it ourselves.