Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Flight Commander Released (And a Small Update)

(Just a quick note that I'm still not back. I'm posting this from a public coffeehouse with free wifi access that has the initials DD. I'm still hoping to have access by the beginning of November, but I'm not certain. How's that for conclusive? Anyway, on with the good news.)

From Ed Benowitz:

Ed Benowitz announces the release of Flight Commander 1.0. The Flight Commander space combat engine was programmed from the ground up starting in 1999. After 5 years of effort, the Flight Commander 1.0 release represents a full-fledged game engine created by and for Wing Commander fans. Flight Commander takes advantage of hardware acceleration, providing scalable graphic detail, 3d surround sound, and force feedback joystick support. Although the game programming was done from scratch, graphics, sounds, stats, and gameplay are similar to Prophecy. Gameplay allows for capital ship torpedo runs, defense missions, and patrol missions. Flight Commander music dynamically changes as the battle progresses, and features an original song as well. Flight Commander is meant to be easily modified and customized. It provides simple interfaces for mission and campaign creation; a mission design, complete with a spoken briefing and 3d graphics, can be completed in under 10 minutes with an
easy to use graphical mission editor. For downloads, screenshots, and more features, visit http://flightcommander.solsector.net.

Congrats to Ed for the release of Flight Commander. We hope to chat with him in the future about Flight Commander.

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