Friday, September 23, 2005

iMod v2.2 for MOO3

Laryllan sends word that iMod v2.2 for Master of Orion 3 is now available. A description of the mod follows, which is lifted from the mod's site:

iMOD is a modification for Master of Orion 3 to improve the multiplayer experience.

It features new, less annoying graphics and sounds, readable fonts, new player colors and gameplay changes. The first goal of iMOD is to make it possible to win with every race without allowing any killer races or strategies. For that reason, all race picks have been rebalanced, as have governments; every race features hardcoded modifiers and one race-specific level zero technology. The weapon system was changed with more emphasis on beam weapons, many changes have been done to the AI to make it a threat, and much more...

The mod weighs in at 34.2MB and can be downloaded at the mod's site.

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