Sunday, March 06, 2005

For the People, By the People: Sunday Drive Edition

Bridge Commander:

BCFiles offers a number of new files, including an NX-01 Hardpoint Update (based on "Twilight" episode) by John, Ablative Armor SFX for Armored Voyager by phazed, Canon Red Alert SFX for MVAM Voyager by fedmods, NanoFX Blinkers for Romulan Brightone by TiqHud, a patch for the C2x Galaxy-class Starship by CaptainFish, the Add Ship v0.3.1 (beta) utility by Defiant (allows the user to add ships in various modes without restarting the game), 9of9's Defiant Hardpoint Upgrade by Tooie32, Borg Mission Pack by Brandon, Romulan Intrepid Bridge by Nexxus21, Klingon Frigate by starforce2, TOS Romulan Bird of Prey by Piper, Venture Scout by starforce2, and Intrepid-class USS Belfast D (Beta) by BlackRook32/Elminster.


The multiplayer and single-player-compatible Freelancer Fifth Gear mod has been updated to v1.1 and is available at Lancers Reactor, as is the Freeport 7 Nomad Attack Mod by Xtreme Team Studios (also compatible with single-player and multiplayer). TLR also has word of an open beta for Freelancer Explorer v2.0.6.21.


Chris has released HUP v6.0, an installer which merges and patches Hardwar with UIM.06, Max's Enhanced, and smurph's Enhanced.

Klingon Academy:

Terran Defense unleashes an Andorian Disrupter Pulse.

Master of Orion 3:

MOO3Guardian hosts a new mod by Paladin-007. The Defensive Mod changes a number of parameters in the game.


Eater's "Pirate Ambush Mission" can be downloaded by visiting this thread at the official Nexus forums.

Star Trek Armada 2:

Drop by STA2Files to pick up Elrond's Second Set of Elven Ships, AdmiralRexStar's Summer Pack Collection (map pack), Pizza the Hutt's Klingon Heavy Frigate, draconis_sharp's Star Trek Armada 2.5 Mission 1 (includes two-player map), and Andrew_Of_Borg's Prototype Galor-class Starship.

Starfleet Command 3:

michelneder's USS Enterprise D v1.1 has docked at SFC3Files.


Starshatter Central hosts Starbuck's Battlestar Galactica mod (see linked thread for instructions and details; the file is in the downloads section under BSG and then mods). A new Babylon 5 mod pack should also be released later today, which will include the Whitestar. Lastly, Necromancer shares his wisdom in a tutorial on the .DEF file format (download location in the link).

X-Plane Space Combat:

Aradayn has modeled a Galaxy-class Merchant Ship from Privateer for use with X-Plane's Space Combat game; grab the file at the CIC.


DeadlyDa brings forth the (beta) v0.2.2 Deadly Ship, Station & Galaxy Mod (which is combined with Mauzi's Ship Rebalancing Mod v0.89). The latest version adds three new ships, some tweaks, and compliance with the v0.89 Rebalancing Mod. Fingers_za's ShipBooster, which allows for ship theft, has been updated to v1.0; v1.0 includes a couple of fixes.

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