Monday, March 21, 2005

SFIII Update

Deus Siddis posts a number of updates on the Starflight III project in this thread. Some of the more interesting bits include:

The Nav and Comm engines are done. The four other engines are all in progress, probably around 50% complete or so (though that's not official, I'm just guessing.) There are no engines which have not been started. The main story line is about 60% set, I'd say and the sub plots are in the air. . . I would put two years as our ceiling if we REALLY slack off, and one year is what I am personally shooting for beta. . .

That brings us to today. We have lots of great music, sfx and art, but the code was created by individuals who did not plan on leaving their work to others at the time they wrote it. So presently, there is a massive review of 5 years of code which is to remove all the crap for evil dos, antiquated hardware support, poorly structured sections of code, and whatever else there is (I'm just an artist so this is not my field).

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