Tuesday, March 01, 2005

For the People, By the People: Tuesday

Bridge Commander:

BCFiles.com has posted an update (v1.3) of the Enemies of Life expansion and Enemies of Life Patch by USS Donoghue, Andromeda Ascendant Beta by Ruivo, Warship Intrepid by mrjohn, and the Hardpoint Hidden Core Asteroid by TiqHud.


Lancers Reactor serves up Freeport 7 Nomad Attack by Xtreme Team Studios (single-player and multiplayer).


A new version of smurph's Enhanced2 patch has been released. The patch is compatible with UIM.06 and Max's Enhanced patch.

Wing Commander: Secret Ops:

The CIC has posted a snazzy screenshot from the Standoff Episode 2 end cutscene. The Standoff website has also been updated with new screenshots of the Crossbow and the interface, as well as with progress information.

X-Wing Alliance:

The XWA Upgrade team have released a new model in the transports section, the Heavy Lifter by Gringlas.

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