Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Heads Up: GalaxyHack

James sends word of his open-source simulation project, GalaxyHack. The game's site describes the sim as:

GalaxyHack allows you to design a fleet of spaceships which can then be tested in AI script based battles against fleets designed by other players. Though battles take place in real time, the strategy comes before hand, both in writing short AI scripts in a simple scripting language, and also in the set up and selection of your fleet. You don't actually have any control over your units at all mid-battle, but rather use the time to see where the set up of your fleets is working, where your fleets' weaknesses lie and changes are needed, and perhaps also to learn from the strategy of your opponent.

Certainly not a standard type of game we hear about, and even better, the site offers GalaxyHack v1.38 so you can freely check it out on Windows and Linux machines.

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