Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Heads Up: Precursors, Birth of the Federation 2, Starfox: Shadows of Lylat, and More

Apologies for the lag as of late. Between the travel and the work, I haven't had a great deal of time. However, I have several emails worth of newsworthy goodness to share, and those will follow.

First of all, thanks to Nick, who pointed out several days ago that GamersHell featured a press release during E3 for Precursors, which is described as "updated conversion of good old and still famous game Elite, a modern First Person Shooter, classic science fiction movies and the world of the novels from Andre Norton." The game is under development by Deep Shadows, a Ukrainian studio.

Also from the GamersHell E3 section, one can find screenshots of two other commercial space combat titles from the east, Parkan II and Space Rangers 2, and screenshots of X3: Reunion.

Nick also shares two other non-commercial games of potential interest: Birth of the Federation 2 and Starfox: Shadows of Lylat.

BotF2 is a fan-made sequel of the TBS original; a handful of screenshots may be viewed at the website. Trek-Online.com offers a recent interview that clarifies that the game's engine is an original/3DState hybrid.

SF: SoL aims to merge the Starfox universe with the Freespace 2 engine. There appears to be no website yet, but a forum sports screenshots and a FAQ.

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SF:SoL has a homepage.

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