Monday, April 04, 2005

For the People, By the People: Monday

I've been holding onto some of this for several days, and some of the items are very fresh.


Lancers Reactor hosts Porsche's E3 Jedi Starfighter, ColdFusion's Predator Super Heavy Fighter v1.0, and DriftingGhost13b's Swordfish MOD; all of them are compatible with single-player and multiplayer.

TLR also offers Falcon 2's Webrunner Beta 1 (compatible with sandbox single-player and multiplayer).

On the utility side of Freelancer modding, TLR also offers Tony Jackson's CRCTool Beta 1 that assists modders by scanning for certain files and then compiling a database with names and CRC hashes. Kurt Fitzner shares the source code and download of his Freelancer Model Clone utility (clones a model to allow for newly-skinned models to be incorporated into the game with ease) and Andy has provided FL - Quick v1.2, which shows a list of Freelancer servers and their static IPs.

Freespace 2:

StratComm's Fleet Pack 1 is now available (direct link is towards the middle of the second page of the thread). There are numerous screenshots throughout the thread to indicate the types of ships in the pack. StratComm has also converted a pair of ships by Raa so that they are usable within FS2.

The FS2Open folks have birthed a new set of MediaVP packs (v3.6.6) with new textures, models, sounds, and effects.


max's Enhanced Hardwar patch has been updated; details and the download link can be found in this thread at Captain Zedo's.

Master of Orion 3:

Razeful's Mod has been updated to v1.1; MOO3Guardian offers the latest version of the mod, which includes AI-enhancements and various tweaks. Also, Paladin-007's has patched his Defensive mod to v1.1, which includes a bug fix.


Eater gives a taste of his upcoming Pirates campaign with a one-mission demo and has also issued a beta version of his Campaign Manager that allows users to manage multiple campaigns. Future versions may include an installer/uninstaller feature.

Also, frogger1108 rolls out a single mission called "New Conflicts".

On the franchise side of things, darkdrone's unleashed Star Trek: Universe at War v1.3. Details on the mod can be found in this thread at the Nexus forum or at the mod's site.

The Babylon 5: Conflicts of Loyalty site has opened and features a number of screenshots and other details about the campaign.

TheStressPuppy announces the impending beta of and shares a series of screenshots from the Age of War: The Original Series mod, which is based on the AoW: TNG mod.


Sky_walker has released the v0.1 Republic Assault mod for Starshatter, along with a series of screenshots showing off ships, planets, and explosions in the Star Wars conversion.

X-Wing Alliance:

XWA Upgrade's Passenger Liner can be downloaded from the Transports section of the downloads page.


Nazgutek's Factory Loop Delivery Software v0.12, which "allows you to link factories to a 'Hub' factory to create a loop", is online. v0.12 contains a number of fixes. SpaceTycoon has also put together the v6.01 Navigation Software ST1, which tweaks the cost of same-sector jumps and eliminates duplicate target calculations.

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