Saturday, April 23, 2005

For the People, By the People: Saturday

Bridge Commander:

BCFiles hosts a trio of Delta Quadrant vessels by Queball: the Species 10026 starship, the Kazon Raider v2.0, and the Mawasi Cruiser.


New at Lancers Reactor: fox's Freelancer Un-named Mod-Thing v0.8 Beta by 'fox' Unit 01 (requires the v1.1 patch) and Bounty Hunter's Revenge by Iron Sceptre (compatible with single-player and multiplayer).

Freespace 2:

The Wing Commander Saga team seeks mission designers, artists, voice actors, and modelers and unwrappers.

Master of Orion 3:

MOO3Guardian offers Invader Zim's Invader Mod: Ascension into Chaos v4.9 and MegaMod: The Antaran Rebellion v6.9.

Starfleet Command III:

Xander F's Hardpoint Editor v1.0 and the Island Wars Team's Island Wars v4.0 and the Island Wars Patch can be found at SFC3Files.

Star Trek Armada 2:

STA2Files has made available several recent downloads, including a number of maps (smefbob's eight-player Warzone and -=§FM=- Kirk/Cyclone's six-player map pack) and ships (Yacuzza's Centra Unicomplex Borg Station and Concept Tactical Cube (Final), david_of_borg's Buildable Rift Maker, and Sherman2's Greenfield-class Vessel), and a Borg Cutting Beam weapon by Beginner.

X-Wing Alliance:

The XWA Upgrade team has issued another model--Space Colony 3--which can be found in the "Stations" section of the downloads.


New X2 scripts include SpaceTycoon's Camouflage Device ST1 v1.0, which makes rival ships not attack the player ship within a specified range, and adam00's AS.Antymissiles v1.01, an updated version of a script that fires Mosquito missiles against incoming missiles.

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