Tuesday, April 12, 2005

For the People, By the People: Tuesday

Battle of Endor:

Napseeker Productions' Invasion of Cardassia TC for the freeware Battle of Endor game has reached the v2.0 milestone. The latest revision features new ships, weapons, graphical tweaks, sound effects, and more. The required files can be downloaded at TFN or at STGU, which has an infoburst about IoC. Thanks STGU.

Bridge Commander:

Multiple developers have contributed to the Fun Bridge Commander Multiplayer Project v0.8, which introduces new technologies into multiplayer games. Full details can be found in the BC Files link. Also at BC Files reside Zambie Zan's Klingon-D Pack (twelve ships included), D and G Productions' "Year of Hell" Voyager (looks and responds like the Voyager in said episode), and USS Donoghue's MVAM Bird of Prey Beta v0.9.


TLR hosts an update to the Lusitania System Mod by Dionisius and the Freelancer: The Complete Game Mod v2.0 by ~d'ar'qu_v+~.


Max's Enhanced patch for Hardwar has again been reworked. Details and instructions may be viewed in this thread at Captain Zedo's.

Klingon Academy:

Terran_Defense gets trigger-happy, offering a prism of weapons effects (Aqua, Blue, Green, Rainbow, and Yellow. Other recent releases include Poktarl's Risa and Romulus (planets) and Romulan Talon-class Starship, and teeth03's Beta Landscapes.

Starfleet Command III:

G®33N>@L> has published a Customization Guide geared towards newbies (as seen at the Dynaverse.net forums). Also, SFCIIIFiles.com hosts two Babylon 5 ships by Unimatrix1--the Hyperion and G'Quan.


New scripts include milling_hordesman's MH_AdvJumper v1.5 gamma, which adds freejump, hyperjump, and autojump commands (milling_hordesman lists costs and equipment required in the thread), Carl Sumner's X2ConflictReport v1.12, which scans a specific folder and reports on possible script conflicts, and Roguey's Balance Mod v1.0, which tweaks a number of features in X2 (specific changes can be found in-thread). Also, Open Beta1.0b New Pirates Map/Mod Universe by mega | Doc has been released.

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