Sunday, April 10, 2005

Massively Multiplayer Round-Up shares a log of their April 7 chat with CCPers. Some of the topics covered include research, cruiser tweaks, stealth bombers, and agents.

The Star Wars Galaxies site has added concept art, an informational page about the Myyydril Caverns region, and a peek of the BARC Speeder and a pair of rideable mounts from Ep III: RotW.'s Pook has posted notice that an open-to-all game of Allegiance (new map included) will be hosted on April 17 in celebration of the game's fifth birthday.


Brian Rubin said...

Don't forget about Jumpgate. Lots of little updates recently. ;)

[ATFW]Beth said...

I really could use some solid Jumpgate links, especially fansites. I know that Joystick Required posts on some of the patches made to the game, but I could really use a site or two that posts about utilities and tools created for the game. A site comparable to the old Planet Jumpgate would be fabulous.