Saturday, December 11, 2004

For the People, By the People: Saturday

Bridge Commander:

New at Morgan2010's Intrepid-class USS Saratoga, Starforce Productions Team's Theseus-class, SPT's Wycombe Prototype, SPT's Britain-class Carrier, and Mackie's Excelsior Kitbash. There are also a few new maps and missions, including TiqHud's Klingon Patrol-Trouble with Kardassians, TiqHud's Cargo Escort, and TiqHud's Capture Card Hybrid. Lastly, there is a single bridge retexture--scottpkeane's S4 NX Bridge Re-texture.

At BCU, there is a new
Starbase background by Orion 5
, Mine Version v 04 by Defiant, Direct Hit Bridge Alerts by DJ Curtis


From the Lancers Reactor comes v1.3 of the Omicron Bandit Server Mod, a Cut Scenes On/Off tool, Daves Addon System v1.0 (single and multiplayer), Nightstalker's WTS-World v2.4 Ship Pack Add-on v1.02 (sixteen vessel ship pack), and IONCROSS Game Data for the aforementioned ship pack.

Freespace 2:

Lynx posted a series of pics at HLP that show off the Venture-class EW Corvette from the Wing Commander Saga TC.

Klingon Academy:

Romulan Dawn Part One has been upgraded; for those who have not finished the first six missions, a Mission Enabler has also been released that unlocks those missions.

Recent ship releases include Moogle's Romulan N-8 Mandukam Class Scout, Whitestar and Cortez Explorer, and diforces' Galaxy Class. Phoenix Experimental Shipyards previews the upcoming D'Hatham Warbird.


Darkdrone's Age of War has been released, albeit in alpha status. Age of War is a Star Trek modification that will feature two co-op missions and the Fed, Romulans, Borg, and Klingons.

Arparso's Nexus Skirmisher v0.3 is now available. The tool allows modders to create custom missions and now features full mod support.

Wing Commander: Secret Ops:

The CIC reports that Standoff will be released on December 23. Impressions of the campaign are included in the news article.


X2 Source reports that Egosoft has released a 120-page behemoth known as the "MSCI Programmer's Handbook", which is all about X2 scripting (must be a registered user to download).

X-Wing Alliance:

XWA Upgrade has a screenshot of the VSD, which is expected to be released in time for Christmas.

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