Thursday, December 23, 2004

For the People, By the People: Thursday

Bridge Commander:

From BCFiles: Anon's TMP Photon Torpedo, Zorg/Morpheus' Federation Starbase Replacement v2.0, Orion 5's Romulan Crew with Mutator, a series from Cpt. LC Amaral, which includes the Ambassador-Class TNG Pack v2.0, Ambassador-Class Ent-C Pack v2.0, and Ambassador-Class USS Belmont, D&G Productions' Advanced NX Mod v1.1, 1701-E's Elite Force 2 Sovereign Bridge v1.0, mrjohn's Romulan Nierrh-Class Destroyer, DJCube's Direct Hits Bridge FX v1.0, Starforce Productions' USS Ajax Excelsior Variant v1.0, and Starforce Productions' USS Curnow Excelsior Variant v1.0.


The SW: Tides of War team promises an alpha of their SW TC before Christmas. Thanks Lancers Reactor.

Freespace 2:

From HLP's forums: The Babylon Project (could someone fix their news script, please?) has released a Raider Wars trailer, available through File Planet. Woomeister has posted a high-polygon model, the Mara, which is also available via FP. Continuing on, the Star Wars board shows off an untextured Murian Transport by TopAce and an untextured Trade Federation Battleship by Ratri.

On the campaign side, there is a repack of Derelict that includes voices--all in a single file.


As seen at Captain Zedo's boards: REAxion continues to release test versions of HardLook and to correct for bugs. HardLook is currently compatible with 2.04, U3.00b4, UIM.01, and UIM.02 games. The editor allows the user to change a variety of variables, including moth specs, pilot cash and names, and moth teleportation from hanger to hanger.

Klingon Academy:

Recent Moogle releases include the Federation TMP Academy Training Fighter, the Romulan Ti'Vari-Class Cruiser, the Romulan Joval-Class Destroyer, and the Romulan Swift Claw-Class Light Cruiser.

Also, Kt'Hyla's AI Trainer Tutorial (final version) has been released.


TheStressPuppy gives a preview of his lovely Ages of War TOS Constitution, and Cmd Kewin previews the VdaTool.

Starfleet Command 3:

SFC3Files hosts red_green's Rise of Kingdoms II v1.0


Melkor shares his Campaign Setup guide at Starshatter Central.


Egosoft have released an "X2 All-in-One Bonus Package", which includes all the plug-ins previously released in one package. The user can choose which plug-ins to install.

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