Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Privateer Remake v0.8, German Starfighter Elite, an I-War Glidewrapper, and a New DosBox

Big thanks to Nick to sending in the following bevy of space sim-related items:

  • Privateer Remake, a Vegastrike engine-based Privateer TC is now at v0.8 for Windows and OSX machines.

  • Nick writes: "The German version of Elite-Starfighter is out, with a planned English version to follow, sometime in December."

  • DosBox v0.63 is now available at SourceForge. The program allows older games to run normally on current hardware. Nick has tested it with "many Space Sims including Privateer, Privateer - Righteous Fire, Frontier - Elite II, Star Crusader and Inferno."

    The latest version mostly contains bug fixes.

  • zeckensack's Glide wrapper (still at v.80e) website has shown recent signs of life that indicate a new release is forthcoming. This wrapper is known to work well with I-War (and I-War Deluxe), but Nick also informed me that it works well with Secret Ops (in a Win98 partition).

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