Friday, December 31, 2004

For the People, By the People: Year End Edition

A very brief FTP, BTP today. I do wish you all a happy and safe New Year's.

Bridge Commander:

BC Files serves up TiqHud's Raider Hardpoint mod, which adds a cloaking device to Zorg/Morpheus' Maquis Raider, TiqHud's Peacestarbase Hardpoint mod, which updates mrjohn's Unity One so that it's dockable, JamesTiberiusKirk's Swimmy Torpedo mod, which alters the appearance of torps, mrjohn's Armored Voyager One, Laurelin's 'Tal Shiar Starbase v1.2 (updated with a hardpoint fix), and CaptainKeyes' Damage Report sound mod.


DamoclesX posts a peek at a Heavy Cruiser model from the upcoming Battlestar Galactica TC.

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