Thursday, December 30, 2004

For the People, By the People: Thursday

Freespace 2:

A four-mission demo of Nuclear's untitled campaign has been released. Details can be found in this thread at HLP.

There is also a sample of concept music from Wing Commander Saga. The music is based on a theme from Wing Commander 4.


Captain Zedo's now hosts Plague's IceBreaker skin for the Moon Moth.

Star Trek Armada 2:

From Armada2Files comes Anon's Omega X-class, Krasim's Federation Fighter, and AdmiralPicard's Super USS Enterprise.

X-Wing Alliance:

XWAU reports that their previously released VSD has been updated to v1.1; the new version, which is supposed to be currently available only at VinceT's X-Wing HQ (unfortunately, rooting around found only a news post today and not a link; perhaps I missed the linkage) and corrects return vessels and landing issues.


Egosoft will be donating money collected from sales of X boosterpacks to "Medecins Sans Frontieres" for the benefit of those impacted by Sunday's tsunamis.

On the lighter side, ThalonMook has released a ship mod consisting of a flagship, an X-Trans, and a Dragon.

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