Monday, December 20, 2004

For the People, By the People: Sunday Drive That Carries into Monday Edition

Bridge Commander:

At BCFiles: Breen Shippack (with hardpoints; based on an earlier release by redragon) and Zambie Zan's Deathbird v1.0.


From Lancers Reactor: Mancer and Crabtree-CCN's "Mancers-Starwars Shippack No. 3" (thirteen Star Wars ships, most of which are TIE variations) and the Hornvipers Mod Team's "Streetch Mod v1.0" (single-player and multiplayer-compatible; adds a few systems and transit opportunities).

Freespace 2:

There's a bevy of Wing Commander Saga screenshots in this CIC thread. Thanks CIC.


Wez's offers a build on patch for UIM.02. smurph provides details in this thread at Captain Zedo's board. Also, there is a poll question that will determine the name of Ian Martin's new Moth.

Klingon Academy:

His Divine Shadow's Pre-TOS Cruiser Pack is once again available.


Melkor's posted an update on the Star Wars TC in the Star Wars board at Starshatter Central's forums. turgotZ shared a screenshot of the Gemini Freighter in another thread. Lastly, there are screenshots from the Battlestar Galactica TC on SC's main page.

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