Thursday, December 30, 2004

Hardwar UIM.04 and New ASROC

There's another Hardwar patch in town (and the incredibly goofy this town ain't big enough for all of the patches, yadda yadda, must follow). UIM.04, a 5MB patch that corrects issues with video-related crashes, is available.

Plagued Mind has also updated Mun's code and has released a new version of ASROC, which "should allow ASROC to work on all versions of hardwar and automatically find the info needed to make itself work with future versions of hardwar."


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! ATFW is still kickin'! I thought it'd gone out forever. Glad to see you're still alive and well, Beth.

Keep that candle lit; surely it's almost time for a resurgence in the space combat sim industry, yes? Lord knows I've had enough WWII FPS games to last me the rest of my life--and several more beyond.

[ATFW]Beth said...

Yup, still alive and kickin' after a hiatus. :)

And yes, we hope for brighter days, but everything's cyclical. Until there, there are plenty of indie projects and fan mods to write about.