Wednesday, December 15, 2004

For the People, By the People: Wednesday


bakedpotato and Eraser's Close Encounters in Sirius v2.0 has been released for single-player and multiplayer. The mod offers a storyline campaign and a no storyline option. GS Studios' Dog Fight Mod Stage 2 is also ready for download, either at its native site or at Lancers Reactor.

Nighstalker has made available a server-side and client-side WTS-World 2.4 Ship Addon Pack v1.02 patch.

On the design side,Watercooler Warrior's FlIniSchema, which is a mod tool for creating simplified INI files, is now available, as is Anton's FLModelTool v1.0a Beta 6, which features a number of bug fixes from Beta 5. Check out Xtreme Team Studios website for more on FLModelTool.

Thanks Lancers Reactor.

Freespace 2:

Ransom Arceihn has announced the release of his campaign, Sync.

The CIC has three pics from Wing Commander Saga.


Rainman has developed a mod called the "Focused Behaviour mod", which removes focused behavior annoyances in the game when using an F-command.

Starfleet Command III: offers a Klingon rank mod by SKills, Annihilation by the_one (Borg mod), and Alternate Universe B: Swift Wars by Alternate Universe.

Wing Commander: Secret Ops:

The CIC features half a dozen screenshots of rendered scenes from the upcoming Standoff.

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