Saturday, February 12, 2005

B5 Starfury Sim Beta 2

The Babylon 5 Starfury Simulator site has been updated with a second beta release. Listed changes include:

1) Specular light effects (the objects now have a metallic `shine`)
2) Sound FX from the show
3) The Jumpgate `opens` when in proximity to it (although still not functional... looks & sounds good though!)
4) 7 liveries added to the Starfury model wings (selectable in game by pressing 1-7 keys on main keyboard)
5) Lens `flare` effect added to the light source
6) Improved handling (I added `friction` for playability, not exactly `space` accurate, but better!)
7) Green lasers from the Starfury (not the purple ones that were inaccurate!)
8) A `gravitational docking bay` on the Station with accurate exterior flashing lights, that can be entered!
9) Cockpit display now shows - coordinates (latitude and longitude) / velocity / rotation / current time

The download link and system requirements are listed at the game's website.

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