Saturday, February 19, 2005

For the People, By the People: Saturday

Bridge Commander:

BCFiles offers a new version (v0.9) of the massive scripting management utility for Bridge Commander, QBautostart. Also docked at BCFiles are the Romulan D7 Cruiser v3.0 by Dave975 and a KA TMP Warbird by Neokade.


Lancers Reactor features New Balance v1.03 by Paul (single-player and multiplayer) and the Lusitania System by Dionisius (trading-based client mod for playing on the Lusitania server).

Freespace 2:

DaBrain has put together a Mod Starter Pack that includes effects, anis, and maps.


smurph's Hardwar Enhanced2 patch for UIM.06 is now available. Instructions for installing, a download link, and a changelog can be viewed in this thread at Captain Zedo's.

Star Trek Armada:

STA2Files hosts AdmiralRexStar's Armada I Multiplayer Maps Pack 1, which contains twenty-one maps, and his Armada I Multiplayer Maps Pack 2, which includes fifteen maps.

Star Trek Armada 2:

Also at STA2Files is Dr. Slim's Improved Federation Construction Ship.

Starfleet Command III:

Starfleet HQ shares a fixed version of the Hardpoint Placement Editor.

The Babylon Project:

A lovely pic of the Babylon 5 station (and an accompanying teaser video) that will be featured in the next release of TBP can be eyed in this thread at HLP.


LordSuch's Sector Planner has been updated to v1.4. Harlock's Top Gun Mod v1.0, which changes a number of things in the game, is out. The Xai Corp Advanced Combat Project has a new 3.12k release.

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