Monday, February 07, 2005

For the People, By the People: Monday


Lancers Reactor hosts The 5th House (Das 5'te Haus) v1.37 by Peter Pan (in German only), Hellbores Reign by Mogadin (ship), Liberty System Expansion by burzelmann (single and multiplayer compatible), Freelancer System Editor v0.3 by PsyCadelik, and Mr Smiths Audio Mod by OrbPael (which adds a few new sounds). LR also has word that the Star Wars: Tides of War mod has issued an alpha release of their project (the second alpha is out now).

Freespace 2:

From Gai Daigoji comes Solar Wars Chapter One, an Inferno campaign. Inferno Release 1 is required to play Solar Wars. Also, Lynx has posted screenshots of a pair of ships from Wing Commander Saga.


smurph has released his UIM.06 Enhanced patch, which is compatible with Max's newly released Hardw[a]r Enhanced patch.

Homeworld 2:

Star Wars Warlords has been updated to v0.45.

X-Wing Alliance:

XWA Upgrade offers the Freighter Type C for download.

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