Monday, February 14, 2005

Star Trek Online FAQ v1.1

The official Star Trek Online FAQ has been updated to v1.1. The latest version of the FAQ includes a few bits about space travel and exploration and starships:

Will you be able to travel and explore space?
Yes. Space travel is going to be a fun and unique experience. Mission assignments will take you to interesting and dangerous places throughout the galaxy.

How many people will be on a starship?
Starship crew complements range from little more than bridge crews aboard small ships to hundreds of players aboard the larger vessels.

Won't everyone want to be a captain?
Those who wish to pursue command can do so. Others may wish to focus on developing their skills and specializing in a particular department. Neither choice is exclusive; a captain can crew for someone else if he wants, and an officer highly trained in a particular department can also eventually become a commander.

What will starship combat be like?
Starship combat is slower and more strategic than ground combat; the Enterprise wasn't built to turn on a dime. It's more important to make good decisions than get a target into one's crosshairs. That said, the action can be furious and requires the contribution of all of the departments under the direction of an experienced captain.

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