Monday, February 14, 2005

For the People, By the People: Monday

Bridge Commander:

BCFiles hosts Zambie Zan's Future Excelsior "D" v1.0, Starforce Production Team's USS Tempest, D&G's Armored Voyager, and Capt_Spade's Borg Akira.


New mods at the Lancers Reactor includes the Liberation Demolitions Crew's Zoner Server Side (for server admins only), Littleloopyman's Omicron Delta System (compatible with single-player and multiplayer), BlazeME's Freelancer Fifth Gear v1.0 (graphics enhancement), Xtreme Team Studios' Vicious Strike Heavy Cruiser (adds a custom ship for purchase; compatible with single-player and multiplayer), Qtio's Tigerfly Model (unscripted .ms3d file), Mephistopheles' Sol Mod WIP v0.1 (multiplayer demo), Kain - Neo's Galaxy Wars (multiplayer-only), burzelmann's Liberty System Expansion Mod v0.2 (compatible with single-player and multiplayer), Paul's Civilian Fighter Pack (adds the P.O.D. Civilian Heavy Fighter and the Pegasus Light Fighter; compatible with single-player and multiplayer), and Mogadin's Warblade (compatible with single-player and multiplayer).


darkthunder has posted screenshots of the Star Trek: Age of War v1.0 Beta. frogger1108 shares a third and a ">fourth mission. ElectricMonk gets ambitious and creates SpaceTech: Reprise, a series of missions designed to build on the original Nexus campaign.

Starfleet Command III:

SFC3Files offers Mr_Tricorder's SFC3 Damage Textures Tutorial.

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