Friday, February 18, 2005

For the People, By the People: Friday

Bridge Commander:

Now at BCFiles: Maquis Raider Hard Points Pack by Dave975, Vienna-class Battlecruiser by Starforce Productions Team, Advance Scorpion-class Starship by Raven Night, USS Scorpion v3.0 by Raven Night, (Hard Point) Stations v1.0 by TiqHud, (Hard Point) Prometheus v2.0 by TiqHud, (Hard Point) Norexan-class Romulan Warbird v3.0 by TiqHud, Romulan D'Deridex Warbird Mk.2 v1.0 by Zombie Zan, Brightone Hard Point Replacement by TiqHud, Romulan Harpy Carrier and Wareagle v2.0 by zeljko, Merchantman Mission by TiqHud, and Maquis Artrus Mission by TiqHud.


Lancers Reactor has an IFSO Data Files Tutorial by Dark Dragon, an update to the Sol MOD by Mephistopheles, Raven Very Heavy Fighter by Mogdin, Small Mod (ship and equipment add-on; compatible with single-player and multiplayer) by the Liberation Demolitions Crew, and Evolution Nightmare 2.28 Nomad Revenge by Chips (client-side).

Master of Orion 3:

MOO Guardian shares a series of tutorials for the game, including two for beginners ("Hide!" by Zoombie and "Starting Your Empire Successfully" by Psilondude), a "Government Guide" by Psilondude, "Ground Combat: Tactics" by Wilddragon, and "Space Combat: Shields" by Zoombie.

Star Trek Armada 2:

Now at STA2Files: Elven Cube with Armor Pods by Elrond, Ultra Fusion Cube Mod by Yacuzza, Singularity Torpedo by Lord_hanson, San Francisco-class Fast Cruiser by Pizza the Hut, Borg Cloaking Nebula Generation by Elrond, Realism 2380 Mod by Jeffrey Walker, Borg Repair Ship by Billy9, Species 8472 Father by Billy9, Federation Headquarters Base by AdmiralPicard, Serpent-class Starship v2.0 by Eprtron Omega, and Freedom-class Refit by Pizza the Hutt.

Starfleet Command III:

SFC3Files hosts a trio of ships by Capt. Dawg & F9thDaihak--Federation Mark 6.2, Federation NX Mark 6, and Federation Mark 6.


SSC has posted a number of tutorials to assist new Starshatter modders in getting started.


E.R. Hyland has bundled together ships from a couple of different mods and has tweaked a variety of components and scripts. The mod, ERH_RA_Xenon_GO, has a readme and is available from a couple of download sources. Please see this thread at the X forums for instructions and download mirrors. LV's Banshee mod has been updated to v2.1. Tigerclaw's X2 Combat Zone mod is now at the v1.2 Beta mark.

X-Wing Alliance:

Berruga offers some screenshots of the in-progress T-Wing model that will be a future XWA Upgrade model.

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