Monday, February 21, 2005

For the People, By the People: Monday

Bridge Commander:

BCFiles offers a couple of new ships, including the USS Courageous by Queball/Mayhem UK, the C2X Deep Space Nine by C2Extreme, and the Davids-C Dominion War Refit (variant of the Constitution/Excelsior) by Starforce Productions Team.

Freespace 2:

ngtm1r has released a single mission called "Homecoming". Instructions and a download link are viewable in this thread at HLP.

Klingon Academy:

Terran Defense makes available an Andorian Plasma Cannon.

Starfleet Command III:

The Alternate Universe team has released a 419.63 MB mod called "Beyond the Looking Glass". The file, along with details, can be grabbed at SFC3Files.

Wing Commander IV:

CIC has news of a unique sort of Wing Commander IV project. AD is hard at work on a Wing Commander IV movie that will include a number of the cutscenes from the game, along with scenes from gameplay. He is currently looking for help and has made two samples (links are included in the news item at the CIC) available that demonstrate his intentions with the project.


moggy2 has posted details about the release of Xai Corporation's Manual Trade Commands 1.1.

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