Thursday, February 24, 2005

For the People, By the People: Thursday

Bridge Commander:

BCFiles offers MVAM Armored Voayger SFX Fix by fedmods, Save Starbase 25 by fedmods, Distress Signal v0.4 (Beta) by Defiant, and Vulcan Surak Hardpoint by Blindmelon.


The Lancers Reactor hosts a quartet of new development tools, including GMAX Plugins and Scripts by Chris Cookson (includes a number of scripts and tweaked plug-ins for modelers), Tlr.Freelancer.Flhash Library by WatercoolerWarrior (requires third-party tools that can access COM or .NET files), Tlr.Freelancer.Flcodec Library by WatercoolerWarrior (for manipulation of save game files; requires tools capable of accessing COM or .NET files), and Tlr.Freelancer.Network Library by WatercoolerWarrior (for server management/monitoring).

There are also a few new mods at the site--The Monkeys v1.18 by Black Eagle (compatible with single-player and multiplayer; requires Xerx's Open Singleplayer Mod (no storyline)), an update for The 5'th House by Peter Pan, and Evolution Nightmare 2.28 Nomad Revenge Server by Sherrec.

Klingon Academy:

Savage has released his Deep Space Nine model.

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