Monday, January 10, 2005

For the People, By the People: Monday

Bridge Commander:

Zambie Zan's Loknar TMP Refit, Ignis' Azati Prime NX-01 Silver v2.0, and Ignis' Azati Prime NX-01 Gold v2.0 are available at BCFiles.


Lancers Reactor offers the Just for Fun Mod v1.0 by Old_Beowulf aka Jim Rupp, which is a mod geared towards single-player that has a number of requirements and conditions and allows the player to tweak a number of beginning-game options, and the Lansdale Colleseum Server MOD Client V5.4.1 by Damocles, which is a multiplayer-only, single-system mod that adds a few ships and many credits.

Freespace 2:

SabrWolf's Quick VP 0.3b, which adds a few features and fixes a few bugs, is now available. mr.WHO's R3.0 Babylon Project mission, "Convoy Party", has been completed; he has also posted a screenshot from another soon-to-be-released B5 mission, "Apocalypse". All info excavated at the HLP forums, as usual.

Homeworld 2:

The Star Wars: New Rebellion site has been updated with a screenshot of the recently added Borg Cube and word that a new release of Star Wars: Invasion should be coming up soon.


A new mission called "Stare If You Dare" by monty is out. The mission requires the Age of War mod to be installed.

Starfleet Command III:

The TOS: Final Frontier mod (hosted at SFC3Files) has been updated to v1.01 (stand-alone patch, bundled with v1.0).

Wing Commander Secret Ops:

The Standoff composer, Needaham45, is soliciting opinions on his re-rendered music. Thanks CIC.


X-Scripting serves up Storm_Front's Mod Kit v5.0 for download (as seen in this thread at the official X forums).

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