Thursday, January 06, 2005

For the People, By the People: Thursday

Bridge Commander:

New ship models at BC Files include Zambie Zan's Romulan Starling-class Destroyer, Enterprise Intrepid, K'Mirra Klingon Battleship, and Klingon Suvwl'QeH.


Lancers Reactor serves up the Crossfire v1.4 mod by the Crossfire Server Team.

Freespace 2:

Mr. Fury announces the availability of The Babylon Project (Base Project) v3.0 and a re-release of the original Earth-Minbari War campaign. Raider Wars, another campaign, and a mission pack should also be released in the near future. All releases can be downloaded either via Bit Torrent or Fileplanet.

Independence War:

Hot4Darmat and Steve Robertson discuss the progress they've made on Dreadnaught-class Corvette paper models.

Star Trek Armada II:

Armada 2 Files hosts an Enterprise Intrepid (Anon), a Romulan Negh'Var by t_Beta_t, a Thulfir-class Starship by Terradyhne, and a mod by Sweldon that replaces the user-controls tutorial in single-player.

X-Wing Alliance:

The X-Wing Alliance Upgrade site has been updated with a Type H Freighter, which is filed appropriately under "Transports" in the downloads section. The Freighter is also available at Darksaber's.

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