Tuesday, January 04, 2005

For the People, By the People: Tuesday


Filed under "Mistaken Identities" or "You've got Wing Commander in my Star Wars!", Lancers Reactor brings word of a new Midway CMP and MAT file by Aldebaran (needs additional hardpoints and other requirements to make it flyable in game).

Freespace 2:

Goober5000 has released a demo of sorts of a project with the worlds-colliding title, "Freespacelancer". As the title suggests, this is his attempt to add a non-linear campaign to Freespace 2. Also, Col. Fishguts (and you have to love that name) has posted some additional screenshots to the Babylon Project's board at HLP.

Starfleet Command 3:

MajorRacal offers a Liger-class Dreadnaught. From SFC3Files.com come Anon's Borg Tactical Ziggurat, MarianoDT's Xindi Insectoid, Unimatrix 1's Zeus Refit v2.0, Unimatrix 1's Odyssey Refit v2.0, Unimatrix 1's Shipyard v2.0, Unimatrix 1's Excelsior v2.0, Unimatrix 1's Excalibur Refit v2.0, and Unimatrix 1's Borg Probe v3.0.

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