Saturday, January 08, 2005

For the People, By the People: Saturday

Bridge Commander:

At BCFiles, there is a German Bridge Voices sound pack (Anon), as well as a new mission, "Inside a Tal Shiar Starbase" by TiqHud. Also available are a pair of torps by BCFreak.


Lancers Reactor offers Eugene's Titan Mod v2.3, a single-player story-based add-on.

Freespace 2:

SabrWolf has released QuickVP v0.1, a utility that allows users to open and to browse .vp files via an Explorer-like interface and also to extract .vp files.

Independence War:

Steve Robertson has posted a trio of pics that show off Hot4Darmat's previously mentioned Corvette model. Two of the pics are also available at the Independence War Paper Models site.

Starfleet Command 3:

SFC3Files hosts Cozbo's TOS Final Frontier mod, which includes a number of ships and weighs in at 147.62 MB.


The Basic Patrol Commands script has been updated to v1.03; the new version incorporates new enemy detection logic.

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