Tuesday, January 11, 2005

For the People, By the People: Tuesday

Bridge Commander:

New downloads at BCFiles include Wicked45 and Zambie Zan's U.S.S. Yorktown (TNG) Refit, Ignis' Nebula Bridge Retexture v2.0 (requires the original Nebula Bridge to be installed), Zambie Zan's Lexington v.1.0, and mldaalder's Submenu Mod, which enhances the ship submenu.


WatercoolerWarrior's TLR.Freelancer.Utility Library, a collection of routines and classes that might assist with Freelancer mods, is available at the Lancers Reactor. TLR also offers fbatb-spengel's Perry Rhodan System Mod v1.0, which adds six new systems and is compatible with single-player and multiplayer.

Klingon Academy:

whitestar has posted pics of his upcoming G'Quan model and a modification of a prior Advanced Whitestar.

Master of Orion 3:

MOO3 Guardian has added two new strategies (spying and dangerous races0 by Psilondude. They also have added the HABI Tool by Connan, which allows the player to edit optimal temps and atmosphere values of each species.

Star Trek Armada:

Sherman2's Romulan Super Weapon is available at STA2Files.

Star Trek Armada 2:

STA2Files serves up the public beta version of the STA 2.5 TC by draconis_sharp, Joelteon7's Mini-Mod Upgraded Borg Cube, Armada II Map Editor Manager (Anon), USS Enterprise-E Refit (Anon), Star System 12 (map) by Sonic14, Assimilated Titan-class Starship (Anon), and Thufir-class Starship v2.0 by Terradhyne.

Wing Commander Secret Ops:

The CIC points to a shot of the in-progress hanger deck that will be featured in the Macross: Do You Remember Love TC.


remusofsmeg is looking for X2 Saver evaluators. X2 Saver increases the number of available auto-save game slots.

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