Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hardwar Beta UIM.05b1

Ian Martin has begun a public beta test of the UIM.05 (beta) patch for Hardwar. From the Captain Zedo's thread:

Time for a quick public beta test. UIM.05 is a short upgrade in that it fixes a few bugs. Anyone may test but please do NOT post on any other site, and do not host public games with it. This is version UIM.05b1.

Features and fixes for UIM.05

1) The terminal negative deposit problem is fixed.
2) The problem whereby automatically generated pirates etc ran out of names, is cured.
3) Dead pilots are once again saved in the SAV file.
4) An old savegame problem (present since 1998 I believe) is fixed. This caused
a fatal crash at load, occasionally.

The link to the beta and more are included in the thread.

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Brian Rubin said...

Damn, tons of updates for Hardwar lately. Thanks for the news! Keep up the awesome work!