Monday, January 31, 2005

For the People, By the People: Monday

Babylon 5: has opened a Babylon 5 wiki. Of particular interest, The Great Machine includes a section on mods.

Bridge Commander:

Recent releases at BCFiles include Trekmods Team's Favor the Bold (unfinished alpha), Ignis' Intrepid Bridge Retexture (low-res and hi-res, Kovk's Hidden Core (asteroid), Zambie Zan's Dignity-class USS Jean-Luc Picard, Book's SFC High-Energy Turn mod, and mrjohn's USS Authority.


Lancers Reactor hosts PsyCadelik’s New Freelancer System Editor v0.1, the Privateers’ Privateer: The Reckoning OpenSP Beta v4.65 Patch (Beta v4.65 mod required), Starfyre Studios’ Freelancer: The Next Generation 2.7.6, Jim Rupp's Just for Fun Single-Player v1.1 Mod (Freelancer SDK required), and Jay, DRIVER and OverDrive's Overload MOD v1.1 (designed for multiplayer roleplaying but can be played in single-player games).

Freespace 2:

Raa's GTF Kelpie has been deployed. There's also an SCP-compatible patch for the campaign Inferno (details in this thread).


Eamoe has put together a non-digital (yes, paper!) manual called the "Mis.Op Handbook". There are shipping and handling fees (along with printing fees) to have it mailed out, but the three-dollar requirement would seem to gel with the not-for-profit intent of the project.

smurph has started a Hardwar Enhanced website, which features his patches for Hardwar, amongst other things.

Independence War 2:

At the IW forum, Second Chance has posted an untextured 3DS version of Craig A. Clarke's Lightwave Dreadnaught. Second Chance has shares an update regarding the SW TC for IW2 and pics of the Mon Cal (in-game and untextured model shots). Lastly, the official sites for Indepedence War are no longer, but there is a cached version at (thanks to Zarhan).

Klingon Academy:

Moogle's Romulan TMP War Bird Sienae has taken flight, along with Poktarl's Type 6 Shuttle.


darkshimmer announces the release of the v1.1 Star Trek: Age of War Alpha v1.1, Rainman shares a weapons hack, and monty has issued a new version of his "Survival" mission.

Starfleet Command III:

The Legions of War mod can be downloaded at or at The mod includes over one-hundred ships, tweaked AI, tweaked objects, and more. Also, SFCIIIFiles hosts a batch of Seltorian vessels by Darkdrone, including the Lacewing-class, Firebrat-class, Tussock-class, Locust-class, and Harlequin-class.

The Babylon Project:

mr.WHO shows off a screenshot and a download link for his new mission, "In the Line of Fire", at the HLP TBP forums.

Wing Commander:

The CIC hosts Cyberion's model of the Wing Commander Academy Epee; the model is in Lightwave format and is based on specs by LOAF and BradMick.

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