Saturday, September 11, 2004

Flatspace v1.06

From an anonymous user:

A new version of the space trading game Flatspace has been released. Flatspace v1.06 includes target cycling, changes to the lock range for missiles, impoved A.I. response by the computer controlled spacecraft and several enhancements to the gameplay. Flatspace is a vast space adventure game. As commander of a space ship of your choice, you decide how to play, survive and prosper. You can trade cargo between space stations, mine asteroids for minerals, join the Flatspace police or become a renegade space pirate or bounty hunter. Game influences include Elite II Frontier, and rogue-like games such as Nethack. For more information visit

The site offers a demo; the full version of the game costs $21.00 USD/£14.00 GBP. Screenshots and other information is also available at the site.

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