Sunday, September 26, 2004

For the People, By the People: Sunday Drive Edition

Bridge Commander: serves up the New England (Cruiser), the Xindi Aquatic Dreadnought, and the TOS Total Uniform Conversion Mod.

You can find BlazeMe's Extra Cargo and Weapons mod at the Lancers Reactor.

Freespace 2:
Singh was kind enough to offer a description of his campaign, which made yesterday's FTP, BTP:

With almost the entire GTVA forces and systems annihalated after mutual destruction with the Shivans, it is upto the surviving forces at the Aleph system to re-explore the remains of the battlefields and pick up the pieces of a once-proud empire. But the re-exploration of GTVA space reveals a dark secret of what exactly had happened, and of things to come.

There are new screenshots from Blackwater Operations.

Klingon Academy:
Bobby has released the intro movie for The Korvat Incident campaign.

Vega Strike:
etheral walker shows off his Narn Frazi fighter.

Reven is looking for beta testers for his Turret AI script.

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