Saturday, September 25, 2004

For the People, By the People: Saturday

Bridge Commander: hosts a Sovereign Class bridge retexture by Captain Raven and a Th'Nor Light Cruiser by Wok.

Lancer's Reactor has word of the Omega Systems Beta v1.3 by Cooler Cheater (single-player and multiplayer add-on) and the Rebalance v3.5 Beta3 Music Teaser Pack by Zod.

Lastly, a patch has been released for the TNG mod, bringing it to v2.2. According the Starfyre Studios' site:

This patch fixed several crashing errors and problems that were going on. It's much more stable and the number of console errors has been greatly reduced.

Freespace 2:
The Starfox mod is looking for help. Singh has posted screenshots and an update regarding the upcoming campaign, "No Turning Back". Deepblue has posted a Babylon Project-related mission, "Reciprocity".

After much discussion about writing a new Hardman on Captain Zedo's boards, Ian Martin confirms that a modified Hardman will be included in the UIM01 patch, and that he also intends to write a new version in the future, along with source code.

Klingon Academy:
Moogle has released a Fenlon Class Monitor, a Saladin Class Light Frigate, and an Akula Class Light Destroyer.

DamoclesX has posted an update on the status of the B5: Hold the Line mod.

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